About Blu Arlan

To know Blu Arlan one must know it’s founder and creative guru, Toni Sweisford. Toni has been working in the craft, hobby and fine art industries for the past 38 years. She has worked as a designer, author, on-line content manager, creative director, owner, product manager, sales & marketing coordinator and marketing consultant.

Beginning her professional career at age 21, Toni learned and worked beside the creative industry’s leading pioneers, often traveling with them to teach her designs at national trade and consumer shows. Although Toni has been incredibly busy over the years, her name is rarely recognized in conjunction with her work due to her core belief of promoting the brand name she worked with over her own. Some of Toni’s achievements include instructional booklets, editorials in national publications, television appearances, instructional videos, and workshops. She has also developed creative products and techniques which are still being used today.

Recently, Toni decided to launch this creative website. Her sole goal is to provide educational, trend-savvy DIY projects, instructions, patterns and techniques free to the creative community. Users simply download the instructional PDFs for any designs they choose. The only request she makes to visitors of Blu Arlan is to be inspired and create a little arty magic every day.

Blu Arlan

Toni resides in Jersey City, NJ with her fiancé David, daughter Devon and two dogs,
Thomas Jefferson and Sam Adams.