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The Ultimate Site for DIY Projects and Instructions (P.S. It’s all free!)


Look no further than Blu Arlan if your goal is to make something uniquely your own. We’re in the business of do-it-yourself creativity, and our site is a one-of-a-kind destination for crafters, makers, and DIY enthusiasts who are looking for easy-to-follow instructions to make beautiful, decorative, hand-made items.

Why Blu Arlan? We’re experienced in the art of designing projects and creating “how to” instructions as our design team has over 40 years’ experience in craft, hobby, and fine art industries. We have populated our site with trend-savvy projects, and we want to share our creations with you. Here are our top three reasons to visit Blu Arlan today.

1-We provide easy-to-follow, free instructions.

We are expert teachers, who supply detailed instructions and step-out photographs to simplify the DIY process and show you exactly “how to make it.”  Beginners will love the ease of following the brief written instructions and photo step-outs while seasoned DIY artists can review the photos then create.

2-We make it for less.

Crafting can be costly, and finding value is a big part of Blu Arlan’s mission. The crafty, yet frugal, consumer is always on our mind, and our talent lies in creating projects that are economical to make over purchasing finished goods.

3-Our projects tap into current, and popular, trends.

Staying ahead of the creative curve takes research, and Blu Arlan keeps constant tabs on multiple industries outside of the crafting space. Our DIY site features projects on fashion, home décor, holidays, edibles, traditional and floral crafting all in the colours, materials and themes for today’s modern crafter.

We all have hidden talents. Let Blu Arlan you help find yours.

Our top three reasons for a Blu Arlan visit are just the beginning, and we’re sure you’ll find many more to make us a favorite creative website destination. Browse, download, and make. The fun begins as your projects come to life—the ultimate reward for your efforts and from our premiere DIY site.

Happy Crafting!

Blu Arlan

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